String Theory and How Spaghetti Serves as an example


“Spaghalaxy” Watercolor and Salt on Watercolor Paper, 18 x 24″

In my expanded water media class, we were challenged to paint String Theory, or rather a theory to explain all theories, the idea that everything is made up of vibrating strings. After gathering enough information to have a basic understanding of this theory, I drew out a nice pile of spaghetti.

Other than the obvious fact that spaghetti is really a string of noodles, I tied in other relationships between spaghetti and string theory. For example, the way that spaghetti encompasses several ingredients to create a meal and the  idea that everything is connected and weaving in and out.



November 2nd 

Working on “text, texture, pattern, or narrative” project. I’m just now going over the wash.Finally finished my project for drawing.Working on a piece in expanded water media, combining two photos into one and painting it. 

Wednesday, October 26th

This project keeps taking unexpected turns. I’m down to the last layer of a laying down figure. It’s hard to edit which parts to keep and which parts to get rid of because I get so attached. And it’s also hard after the third layer because I keep going cross eyed.

I had to make a color chart to decide what went best with my color scheme so I could start building up the last figure. A golden yellow color was the winner and here’s my current progress!