“A Man’s Job”

I chose this image because I felt it would be easy to manipulate. I also chose this photograph because I had the idea to make her a man. I wanted to express the views that society had when they believed that women should just stay home and be housewives and take care of the children. I also wanted it to comment on the ways that women are still seen in society today.


                This image came to my mind when we went over it in my art history class. Two semesters ago in my 3D class we had to do presentations on an artist and Marina was one that one of my classmates did. Her work inspired me and I explored it even more. I watched a documentary about this piece and thought this would be an awesome picture for this project. Because this piece is called The Artist is Present I wanted to work with the idea that she is present physically but maybe not so much mentally.

“Lost but Never Forgotten”

One of my better friends that I’ve known since third grade recently past. I wanted to incorporate him with this project because I got the idea to partially erase him yet leave a “Ghost” behind. Kaleb was an amazing person and has impacted so many people in my home town. The way that I edited the picture shows the impact that kaleb left on peoples’ lives and we won’t forget it. I also thought that this tied in with present day situations because there are so many accidents that happen with vehicles every day.

Elimination PDF


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