Final Semester Painting

It’s finally nearing the end of the semester and I’ve been ready since day one. I’ve been working on several paintings (working as in mulling over what to start painting) and none of them seemed to satisfy me. The final project theme has to be landscape, which I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO ACCOMMODATE WITH FIGURE, hence the mulling. Here’s the start to a somewhat landscape, somewhat portrait painting. Stay tuned for more updates!



November 15th

“Truck Show” Oil, 24 x 48″ 

I didn’t think I would be where I’m at now but I’ve finally had the network to get a painting into a gallery. This piece is featured at Dahlia Woods Gallery. Now to create more to go with it!

I’m going to be painting several smaller pieces that will compliment the street scene painting and this is the first one.
“Burano” Acrylic, 11 x 14″

String Theory and How Spaghetti Serves as an example


“Spaghalaxy” Watercolor and Salt on Watercolor Paper, 18 x 24″

In my expanded water media class, we were challenged to paint String Theory, or rather a theory to explain all theories, the idea that everything is made up of vibrating strings. After gathering enough information to have a basic understanding of this theory, I drew out a nice pile of spaghetti.

Other than the obvious fact that spaghetti is really a string of noodles, I tied in other relationships between spaghetti and string theory. For example, the way that spaghetti encompasses several ingredients to create a meal and the  idea that everything is connected and weaving in and out.


November 2nd 

Working on “text, texture, pattern, or narrative” project. I’m just now going over the wash.Finally finished my project for drawing.Working on a piece in expanded water media, combining two photos into one and painting it. 

Wednesday, October 26th

This project keeps taking unexpected turns. I’m down to the last layer of a laying down figure. It’s hard to edit which parts to keep and which parts to get rid of because I get so attached. And it’s also hard after the third layer because I keep going cross eyed.

I had to make a color chart to decide what went best with my color scheme so I could start building up the last figure. A golden yellow color was the winner and here’s my current progress!

October 17th 

Starting to work on a collage project for drawing class. I started by tracing past drawings and overlaying them in different ways before I decide what kind of composition I want.










October 5th 

We had a live model in class today so we started working on gestural movements and mark making. Towards the end of the class we had two 30 minute poses and we had to overlap the drawings from those two poses. I started lightly with the first one, smoothing out the shading and using some line work to define the blankets and some areas of the body. For the second pose, I began with erasing lines that were against the background and using line work over the existing drawing to build up the second pose. I incorporated the curves of the blanket into the curve of the leg in the new pose and left some old line work showing through to keep the first drawing still in tact.

In my expanded media class, we continued working on a still life with fruits and  vegetables. I used salt and masking fluid to create texture and keep my highlights.